The 4th of July Telephony BBQ cookout

Four main ingredients you need to make it a success.

4th of July1Independence Day, also known as the 4th of July, is a U.S. federal holiday in which we commemorate and recognize the adoption of the Declaration of Independence. On that date in 1776, the new United Sates officially declared independence from the United Kingdom. Throughout the U.S., you’ll find an array of events such as parades, fairs, firework shows, and family reunions, all during which people come together to celebrate the day. Of the many activities, one particular gathering stands out as the most popular and frequented: the great BBQ cookout.

Selecting the right combination of main course foods and how they’ll be prepared — plus side dishes, special desserts and refreshments — all need careful pre-consideration to fit all types of tastes of those attending. As I created my own BBQ list, I found a striking similarity between that of prepping and planning for a successful BBQ and the key steps in preparing and planning for a successful telephone solution.


The Main Course(s) — This is the core food ingredient upon which everything else is centered. Just like people, each business is unique. Variety and options are key to making everyone happy. Some business appetites can be best satisfied with a hybrid or converged business telephone solution, such as Toshiba’s Strata® CIX™ for those who want a little taste of each course, like a mix of IP, digital and analog endpoints. While another business’s needs can be fulfilled with a pure-IP solution, such as Toshiba’s IPedge®, others may crave the flavor of the latest cloud-based solution, such as Toshiba’s VIPedge®. But what really sets apart the run-of-the-mill BBQ and a great plate-licking feast is what secret sauce is used for each course. Certain businesses would do fine with a premises-based system, and others would be better suited with a cloud-based solution.

Side Dishes — These are the foods such as BBQ beans, corn-on-the-cob, macaroni and potato salads — foods that complement theiphone-umobility BBQ masterpiece. Staple sides such as auto attendant, unified messaging, soft VoIP clients, and mobility (the ability to use your smart phone as an extension of the system) can really liven your plate.

Desserts — You’ll surely be a hit with a few special desserts such as America’s favorite apple pie, peach cobbler or ice cream sundaes. Collaboration using a meet-me conference bridge with the right mix of audio, Web and video, contact center, call recording, CRM integration, screen-pops, click-to-dial and presence are a few delicacies that will satisfy any phone system sweet tooth.

Refreshing Beverages — Ice cold drinks, fruit juices, soft drinks or beer really hit the spot when relaxing, winding down, sitting back and enjoying the day. The same is true with your business phone system. Enjoy peace of mind in your business investment with an extended hardware and software warranty, making sure your system is running at its optimum at all times. Built-in Web-based system administration makes it easy to perform any moves or changes anywhere you have an Internet connection.

The recipe for hosting a smash block-party BBQ is the same for your business telephone system. Success will result in improved relationships and communications with your clientele wherever they are. Combining the winning key ingredients, pre-planning, preparation and implementation for your business telephone solution can bring another desired outcome — more guests at the party. Ramping up resources during seasonal business spurts, easily migrating to a larger platforms or even scaling back are great options to whip up in a moment’s notice when customer demands are critical.

We are very aware that selecting a business telephone solution is a major investment for any company. Selecting and partnering with the right manufacturer from the start can make all the difference for your business. Implementing the optimal solution is just the beginning. Let Toshiba’s telecommunication experts create the ingredients for your business’s best technology BBQ cookout yet.


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