It was just a few months ago.  February.  The much-awaited awards season.  Everyone was abuzz about the nominees, their chances for winning “Best of…” in their respective categories, and what the celebs would be sporting.  There were so many fine releases last year, domestic and foreign, but only a few get the coveted awards.

Large 12 IT-POTY

We are talking about the Internet Telephony Product of the Year awards, of course.

We’re happy to report that Toshiba’s Hybrid Cloud Networking Solution earned yet another day on the red carpet — no big surprise to fans, since it had already garnered a 2014 Cloud Computing Product of the Year Award.  The award winner brings a mix of on-premise and cloud-based phone systems into one companywide network that delivers a seamless user and caller experience.

“It gives me great pleasure to recognize Toshiba with a 2015 Product of the Year Award for its commitment to excellence and innovation,” said Rich Tehrani, CEO of TMC, the magazine’s parent company.  “Toshiba’s Hybrid Cloud Networking Solution is among the best communications and technology solutions available on the market.”

A hybrid approach to business communications reflects a growing reality — that many organizations run on a diversity of processes and platforms.  That’s as true of business communications as it is of computing.  You want to extend the value of legacy investments while capitalizing on the new.  Existing and emerging technologies must coexist.  In a perfect world, they also work harmoniously together.  With Toshiba, you know they do.

Consider this scenario, which might look familiar… Perhaps your business installed a digital-and-IP phone system at headquarters 10 years ago, then added pure IP phone systems at locations that opened in the last few years, and then embraced cloud telephony in the last year to expand into new locations and support remote workers.

Toshiba customers can get all three phone system options from one trusted source.  It’s easy to see the advantages of having one vendor — economies of scale, minimal training, single point of contact — but the real story here is that these on-premise and cloud-based options can be integrated into one cohesive, companywide phone network.

A hybrid networking approach extends the value of your existing phone systems, enables you to mix and match phone systems to suit the needs of each location, and supports on-demand expansion without making you buy more than you need today.

With Hybrid Cloud Networking, you can network up to 128 systems, including one Toshiba VIPedge® cloud solution and a mix of Toshiba IPedge® and Strata® CIX systems.  For instance, you can use on-premise IPedge at larger sites or those needing more IP features; on-premise Strata CIX at sites that still use digital phones; and VIPedge to serve new locations that need the flexibility and on-demand growth of a cloud-based solution.  Advanced call processing features use the same Toshiba IP core — IPedge Application Server or VIPedge Application Service — to work transparently across the network.

If your organization could run more productively and effectively if you had one unified network serving all locations, find out what Toshiba’s award-winning Hybrid Cloud Networking can do for you.  It’s available from Authorized Toshiba Dealers nationwide.

A list of the 2015 INTERNET TELEPHONY Product of the Year winners was featured in the January/February issue of INTERNET TELEPHONY magazine and online at

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Answers to your questions about Toshiba’s new unified communications


What is Toshiba’s UCedge?

Toshiba’s UCedge™ redefines unified communications with visibility and interworking across Toshiba phone systems and third-party devices — including smartphones, tablets and Windows® and Mac® computers.

What are the practical business benefits of UCedge?

Save time. Rapidly find contacts in a list synchronized with the office phone system and user-provided avatars. See the status of UCedge colleagues or Microsoft® Lync® users with Toshiba Lync Plug-in before calling them.

Save money. Make calls from your mobile device through the office phone system using a data service rather than cellular, when possible. Make long-distance and international calls at landline rates.

Get more done. Work from anywhere using personal or business mobile devices as a business phone extension. Manage office voice messages easily and quickly with a visual interface on a mobile device.

Provide superior service. Give callers one number to reach you whether you’re in or out of the office. Your personal mobile device performs as a business phone whenever you need it.

Collaborate more easily from anywhere. Share instant messages with colleagues who are busy or on the phone. Stay in touch when traveling internationally.

We already had many of those benefits. What’s new now?

Topping the list is the ability to have unified communications flow seamlessly across platforms, locations and devices. If your organization uses a mix of Toshiba phone systems — on premises or in the cloud — UCedge sees them as one network. Features work the same across the company and on different device types, including smartphones, tablets, desktops and laptops. There are new, advanced features too, including federation that enables sharing of presence and instant messages with external users, deskphone pairing, consolidated call and Instant Message history stored in the cloud and more.

What’s in it for mobile users?

UCedge Client for iPhone & AndroidIf you love the IPMobility feature on your IPedge® or Strata® CIX premises-based system or Call Manager Mobile on your VIPedge® cloud solution, you’ll love UCedge for bringing it all together. Toshiba’s UCedge works the same for all device types — mobile or desktop — but mobile users will especially appreciate these on-the-go features. For example:

  • Work from anywhere using personal or business mobile devices as a business phone extension.
  • Be easier to reach from one number — your office number — in or out of the office or out of the country.
  • Pair an Apple® or Android™ device with your desk phone to conveniently initiate dialing via the mobile device.

What if I don’t want to give out my mobile number or limit my phone to business use?

You don’t have to do either.  When you use UCedge, your mobile number remains private, and your device still does everything it always could do whenever you are not using the UCedge client.

What systems and devices are compatible with UCedge?the-power-of-choice

  • Phone systems — Toshiba’s VIPedge® cloud-based business telephone solution, IPedge® business telephone systems, and Strata® CIX IP converged systems with an IPedge Application Server
  • End-user devices — Windows and Mac OS X® computers, Android™ and Apple® smartphones and tablets

How do we get UCedge unified communications?

It’s easy. Licenses for the UCedge client are provided as part of the VIPedge cloud-based phone service, or the license is available as an option for the IPedge or Strata CIX premises-based phone systems.

Only one license per user is required, even if the user logs in from multiple mobile and desktop devices.

For mobile devices with a data plan or Wi-Fi® option, just download the UCedge client from the Google Play™ store or the Apple App Store:

For Android:

For iPhone:


Get a headstart now on the solution that will ultimately redefine unified communications for Strata CIX, IPedge and VIPedge systems. Check out the UCedge infographic for more details.

To get started, contact your Authorized Toshiba Dealer today.



Five great Reasons to upgrade your legacy Toshiba telephone system

If your organization uses a venerable Toshiba Strata® DK, Strata CTX or Strata CIX business phone system, we appreciate your long-term loyalty.  These systems have been real workhorses.  We have systems out in the field that are up to 20 years old.

Even if your trusty phone system is still going strong, this is a great time to trade up to the current generation of Toshiba voice over IP (VoIP) or hybrid digital/VoIP phone systems.  You’re missing out on technology advances that could dramatically improve productivity, costs and customer care.

whyupgrade01Empower your people for greater levels of collaboration and connection.
Make it easier for customers and suppliers to do business with you.
Streamline the network infrastructure by having one network do the work of two.
Dramatically reduce communications costs and complexity.
Redefine how business gets done and how the organization looks to the world.

Here are five great reasons to do it now rather than later:

1.  SIP trunking — Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) enables IP communications to work seamlessly across service provider’s IP networks.  You can bring remote locations into one system with advanced features.  For example:

·         Use a single Toshiba Strata CIX or IPedge® platform to support users at sites across the country.

·         Publish local phone numbers for each location, yet have those calls centrally handled.

·         Have overflow calls automatically handed off to a second trunk connection.

·         On a case-by-case basis, have calls forwarded to a mobile phone or other number if the WAN connection to your phone system server is ever down.

2.  Unified messaging — Ensure that every call is answered and that callers get the information they need.  View and manage email, voice mail and faxes in one inbox with easy message retrieval and management from anywhere.  Configure your mailbox to work the way you want it to.

3.  Unified communications Blend phone and PC/laptop/notebook into a powerful, multimedia productivity tool.  Efficiently manage calls from your computer, such as click-to-call from your contacts list.  See the current status of coworkers.  Communicate quickly via Chat instant messaging.  Use your Microsoft Lync contact list to make calls, transfer, conference people in and display user status.  Integrate with leading customer relationship management (CRM) programs, such as®, Act!® and Microsoft Outlook®.

4.  Mobility — Have calls to your office number find you on your cell phone, or make outbound calls without revealing your mobile number.  And with a free app that you turn on and off at will, use your Apple® or Android smartphone as a Toshiba phone system extension.  Roam the halls using secure wireless phones that bring your desk phone features and profile with you.

5.  Crazy trade-up incentives — From now through March 2014, Toshiba is offering irresistible deals, such as IP phones for as little as $25 — or free — for the VIPedge cloud-based telephone solution.  Or 50 percent discounts on IPedge user licenses.  Or a $50 trade-in credit on each new digital phone you buy for a Strata CIX system.

whyupgrade02Wherever you start, it’s your choice how you take advantage.  You can upgrade to a converged system that supports both digital and IP, so you can reuse your existing digital phones and migrate to IP in stages.  Or move to pure IP communications in a sleek, all-in-one server.  Or get your phone services from “the cloud” for less than a dollar per day per user.

Don’t miss out!  Most promotional offers run from November 1, 2013 to March 31, 2014.
For full details, visit

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Since we announced this promotion earlier in November, we’ve seen a lot of excitement from longtime customers who recognize this as a prime opportunity to upgrade.  Here are answers to the top questions we’ve been getting about this incentive program:

Free IP phones?  Deep discounts on digital phones and user licenses?  Have you people gone mad?

Hardly.  We just know it’s better for everybody if the Toshiba systems out in the field represent our latest innovations and are actively supported.  Toshiba’s Value Plus warranty program offers a two-, three-, five- or seven-year manufacturer’s warranty on its various phones and systems, but many customers are using equipment much older than that.  We’re glad our products stand up to long service life, but these customers are missing out on new capabilities that could really drive their businesses forward — and their success is good for us as well.

Who can take advantage of the “Trade Up with Toshiba” promotion?

If your organization uses a legacy Toshiba Strata® system, such as a Strata DK, Strata CTX or Strata CIX™ business telephone system, Toshiba is now offering some great incentives so that you can trade up to Toshiba’s VIPedge cloud-based business telephone solution, Toshiba’s IPedge® pure IP business telephone system or Toshiba’s Strata CIX converged digital/IP business telephone system.

What do we get if we upgrade to Toshiba’s cloud solution?

This is probably our sweetest deal.  Get a free IP5531-SDL IP telephone for every Toshiba EKT, DKT or IPT1000/2000 series telephone you trade in by December 31, 2013.  From January 1, 2014 through March 31, 2014, pay only $25 for an IP5531-SDL IP telephone with eligible trade-in.  We want to make it very affordable to move to cloud telephony.

What’s the deal if we upgrade to the IPedge on-premises phone system?

From now until March 31, 2014, for each Toshiba EKT, DKT or IP1000/2000 series telephone traded in, you get up to 50 percent off the purchase price of an IPedge User License with Call Manager™ Standard (I-USR-STD-EC, I-USR-STD-EM, I-USR-STD-EP).  This promotion does also require the purchase of a Toshiba IP phone for each phone traded in.

What if we want to reuse the digital phones we already have?

No problem.  Choose the promotion’s option to migrate to a new Strata CIX670 with IPedge as an application server.  Your existing Toshiba DKT2000, DKT3000, DKT3200 and DP5000-series digital phones all work with this phone system.  However, if you want to upgrade older Toshiba EKT, DKT, or IP1000/2000 series telephones, you’ll get a $50 discount for each one you trade in towards the purchase of a new 10- or 20-button DP5000-series business telephone.

What happens to the legacy phones we trade in?

Always environmentally friendly, your Authorized Toshiba Dealer will recycle your old equipment in accordance with all applicable laws, using only R2 or eSteward certified recyclers.  Of course.

Sounds great, but what’s the fine print to all this?

There are some terms and conditions, but no biggies.  For instance:

·         You can only get as many free or discounted phones as your new system or contract supports.

·         You can’t get trade-in benefits on more phones than you trade up to.

·         Your Toshiba Authorized Dealer gets to keep your old phones.

·         The promotion for the cloud upgrade option requires a two-year contract.

Full conditions of the promotion can be found at

How long does the promotion run?

Most promotional offers run from November 1, 2013 to March 31, 2014.  The best VIPedge offer only runs through December 31, 2013, so to get those free IP phones, act fast.

To find out more, contact your Authorized Toshiba Dealer or visit

No Phone Left Behind

Early obsolescence isn’t our thing, so keep using your old phones on your new system.

In 2010, the Chelsea Piers Sports & Entertainment Complex, a 28-acre urban sports village on Manhattan’s west side, updated its legacy digital phone system.

DP5000 Series Telephone Family

They also saved thousands by being able to reuse the optical fiber backbone, digital phones and interface units from the old system.

This story is repeated every time a Toshiba customer upgrades to a newer Toshiba phone system.  That’s because planned obsolescence — as effective as it is for selling more product — is just not our thing.  We don’t think you should have to replace working phones if your users are happy with them and they serve the need.

Migrating from a legacy Strata CTX system to a Strata CIX?
No problem.  Your existing Toshiba DKT2000, DKT3000, DKT3200 and DP5000-series digital phones will work with Toshiba’s Strata CIX phone system.

Migrating from Strata CIX to an all-IP IPedge system or VIPedge cloud-based phone solution?
No problem.  You can reuse your Toshiba IP 5000-series phones and IP4100 SIP DECT wireless phones.

Migrating from a VIPedge cloud IP phone solution to your own IPedge system, or vice versa?
No problem.  Every endpoint that works with either system will work with the other, including desktop phones, attendant consoles, and wireless and smartphones.

Have an older Strata CTX or Strata CIX but want the latest IPedge features?
No problem.  Upgrade the digital CTX system to a Strata CIX system with some new components and software, add an IP interface card, and use IPedge as an application server.  You’ll get the latest IP unified communications and mobility solutions without having to move entirely to IP.  It’s an affordable way to mix and match existing digital and IP endpoints to meet your needs while gaining the ability to use Apple® and Android™ smartphones as business phone system extensions.

Savings add up with Toshiba

The answer is simple.  It’s good for everybody when our customers have the best phone systems for their needs and when the systems out in the field represent our latest technologies and capabilities.  If we can make it easier and more affordable for you to take advantage of our best work, everybody wins.

If you’re looking to upgrade an older Toshiba business phone system, find out how you can extend the value of your existing investment — and how much you can save in the process.

For more Toshiba information, please visit our website at:

Freedom of Choice

Mobility apps let you choose how you want to integrate your smartphone with your Toshiba business phone system

According to Strategy Analytics, some 700 million smartphones shipped in 2012, 43 percent more than in 2011.  Nine months ago, the number of smartphones in use worldwide reached 1 billion.  This means about one in every seven people owns one of these palm-sized computers.  That figure is expected to double by 2015, fueled in part by the popularity of the iPhone.

If your connectivity is centered around your smartphone, wouldn’t it be great if that handy handheld device could double as an extension of your business phone system?  It can.

For Toshiba IPedge or Strata CIX phone systems

Our IPMobility client app enables your Apple® iOS® or Android™ smartphone to serve as a business extension.  Just give out one number — your office number — and incoming calls will ring on both your desk phone and smartphone, either sequentially or simultaneously.

When the IPMobility app is activated, outgoing calls are placed through the IPedge® or Strata® CIX™ phone system, which finds the least-cost routing option and displays only your office phone caller ID to the caller.  You have access to advanced system features such as extension dialing, visual voice mail, call transfer, call record and more.

For VIPedge cloud VoIP service

Toshiba’s Call Manager™ Mobile application brings the capabilities of IPMobility to our cloud-based telephone solution.  You can take your office calls, instant messages and visual voice mail on your Apple or Android smartphone, just as if you were at your desk.  You can have multiple IM sessions open and send messages to a group (or to everybody) to speed communications.

And even though the phone system resides in the cloud, it knows who’s busy and who’s available, so it’s easy for colleagues to know when they can connect.

Using IPMobility or Call Manager Mobile features doesn’t impede your ability to use your smartphone’s native features, contacts and voice mail.  If you don’t activate the Toshiba mobility app by dialing its extension or selecting it from your contact list, the phone performs like a typical smartphone.

For all Toshiba phone systems

The ‘Find-me, Follow-me’ call routing and Twinning features come standard with nothing to buy or download.

With ‘Find-me, Follow-me,’ you tell the system when you want calls to your office extension to go directly to your smartphone (or any other telephone number).  You see the caller’s caller ID, but the caller sees only your business number.  Twinning has incoming calls ring simultaneously on both your office phone and smartphone.  Both features are easy to turn on and off.

Take advantage today!

You don’t have to buy or download anything to take advantage of the ‘Find-me Follow Me’ and Twinning features.  They came with your Toshiba phone system, and you can activate them at will.  You can download the IPMobility and Call Manager Mobile apps for free from the Apple App Store and Google Play App Store.

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How to Make 900 Miles Disappear

Crow Friedman Group brings four cities together into one unified company network.

The Crow Friedman Group provides professional liability, commercial, and group health insurance, as well as risk management services, to more than 1,800 professional firms and individuals, such as architects, financial consultants, lawyers and healthcare professionals.

In the course of a day’s business, the firm’s specialists answer coverage questions and provide loss prevention advice and in-house claims assistance.  They offer advice on contractual agreements, provide educational opportunities and help evaluate the best way to structure the cost of insurance protection.

In other words, they spend a lot of time on the phone.

With offices in four cities — Memphis, Nashville, Atlanta and Birmingham — Crow Friedman wanted its staff to be able to communicate as easily across state lines as across the hall.  With the right phone system, physical location could become immaterial.  Employees could be just as accessible to clients and colleagues — with all the productivity and convenience features they need — whether they are in another office, on the road or at a client location.

To achieve that ideal, the firm chose a Toshiba Strata® CIX™ system — a converged solution that supports a mix of IP, digital and analog endpoints along with IP telephony and unified communications applications.  And they chose CommWorld of Memphis, an Authorized Toshiba Dealer since 1996, to install it.

Led by vice president of operations Valerie Beaver, CommWorld of Memphis installed a Strata CIX670 system at Crow Friedman’s Memphis headquarters.  The system has a media applications server that supports auto attendant, voice mail and unified communications for the entire firm.  In the Birmingham office, IP desk phones and IP softphones (PCs or laptops equipped to perform as telephones) are connected to the headquarters’ Strata CIX system.

The Atlanta and Nashville offices have their own Strata CIX200 and CIX100 systems.  All four locations — a total of more than 100 ports (users) — are networked together over IP to perform as one unified phone system with centralized applications that serve all locations.

The Toshiba phone system gives Crow Friedman three important forms of professional insurance:

  • Mobility without compromise.  With Internet access, the sales team can take their business phone capabilities — the familiar features and functionality of their desk phones — with them wherever they go, using an IP softphone application on a laptop or smartphone.
  • Better internal efficiency.  With the “presence” feature on Toshiba telephones , staff can easily see who is on the phone or available for a call, wherever they are.  Power users can use a laptop or desktop PC to manage phone calls, voice mail, Web, email and more all from a single screen, using the mouse, without ever picking up the telephone.  With unified communications, staff can view and manage voice messages and faxes right in their email boxes.
  • Substantial cost savings.  By adding auto attendant capabilities and enabling one receptionist to handle incoming calls for all four locations, Crow Friedman saves $100,000 a year.  And that’s before factoring in all the productivity gains of the new phone system.

Finally, distance disappears.  The firm’s associates, account executives and administrative staff can work together as a unified team rather than a dispersed and remote workforce.  The hundreds of miles between locations become irrelevant, and the firm that protects professional services can itself provide the most professional services possible.

 For an Authorized Toshiba Dealer,

The Power of Choice

How do you want your IP business communications deployed?


So you’re updating to an IP business communications system.  You know IP will streamline the network, save money, and bring new features that the older, traditional digital phone system couldn’t dream of.

You know you want users to be able to customize their phone buttons, speed dials, directories and call processing.  You know you want features that enable your small business to perform like a much larger one—things like unified messaging (voice mail, email and fax in one inbox), unified communications (multiple forms of communication managed from a PC, laptop or tablet), and the ability to use a PC or laptop as an IP soft phone.

Did you know that with Toshiba, you also have the power of choice in how you deploy those capabilities?

1.    Digital and IP in an on-premises system

For years, Toshiba’s Strata® CIX™ has been the flagship of Toshiba’s business communications line.  There are five models available, from the Strata CIX40 for up to 24 users to the Strata CIX1200 for up to 1,000 users.  Multiple systems can be networked together to serve multi-location businesses with thousands of phone users.

The proven Strata CIX system supports both digital and IP phones, making it ideal for businesses making a staged migration to IP or for those in which not all users need the benefits of IP.

2.    Pure IP in an on-premises system

In 2011, Strata CIX gained a new sibling with Toshiba’s IPedge®—a pure IP, single-network business communications system built on open standards and an industry-standard Linux server.  With IPedge, the IP capabilities customers loved in Strata CIX became available in a single server that occupies a mere 1U (less than two inches) of rack space.  This one server supports voice mail, unified messaging, feature customization, and the Call Manager application for unified communications.

IPedge isn’t edging out Strata CIX.  The market demands both types of platforms—and that both work together, which they do.  IPedge is finding its niche where Strata CIX has been so popular:  in SMBs with 20 to 1,000 users—leaning on the higher end of that range, where IP’s benefits shine a little brighter.

3.    Pure IP as a cloud-based VoIP service

To get the features and functions of your own IPedge system but without having to buy, install and maintain an on-premises PBX, choose Toshiba’s VIPedge cloud-based VoIP service.  With VIPedge, Toshiba supports the IPedge platform in secure data centers.  Your organization gets advanced IP services for a predictable monthly fee, starting at about a dollar per day per user.  Conserve capital and free your IT talent for better things than running the phone system.

At any time your needs change, you can easily migrate to an on-premise IPedge system, retaining the same Toshiba endpoints and familiar telephone system operation.

IP and digital or pure IP.  On-premises or hosted as a cloud service.  The choice is yours.  All three options are now available from Authorized Toshiba Dealers nationwide.  To find out more, visit .